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We can provide immediate access to rehab centres in Pretoria, South Africa, with a clinical detox if requried.

Contact us for advice on rehab clinics near to Pretoria. We can advise on how to access addictions treatment quickly and which rehabs centres and clinics will be most suitable for your needs

The head counselor is a registered psychologist who specialises in dealing with addictive disorders, having had extensive exposure to the major drug rehab centres in South Africa. He established this centre, which was the first intensive outpatient program established near Pretoria focused on treating addicts in a less restrictive environment. He is also involved in running an extended Primary and Secondary treatment centre.
Pretoria rehab centre for short term stay

This is a private residential drug rehab clinic near Pretoria,  South Africa offering high quality care for the entire spectrum of treatment from detoxification to halfway houses. This rehab clinic also offers an outpatient program for residents unable to attend as fulltime residential patients.

This rehab centre is an upmarket addictions treatment facility and their facilities include swimming pool, tennis court. table tennis, volleyball, gym equipment, sauna, tuckshop, smoking lounge. Bedrooms are shared.

The treatment team at this treatment centre comprises a multidisciplinary collection of medical professionals, occupational therapists, social workers, and accredited addictions counselors. They provide a substance abuse treatment program based on respect for the individual within a caring and supportive environment.

This rehab clinic offers integrated, dual-diagnosis treatment programs, run by an experienced multidisciplinary team of treatment professionals, in a comfortable therapeutic environment.

Their treatment philosophy is influenced by the 12-Step (Minnesota) model, current international psychiatric research and classical and modern psychological approaches. All of their patients can expect to be examined by a medical doctor soon after admission. The addictions treatment clinlic has a consultant GP who is able to provide ongoing medical care to inpatients.

Psychiatric consultation is arranged for a patient requiring assessment or ongoing psychiatric care. Patients who are admitted who are already under the care of a psychiatrist will be encouraged to follow up regularly with their own psychatrist.

By opting for after-hours rehab, alcoholics and drug addicts can now get help while carrying on with their lives. Most people treated appear to be highly capable, and treating their hard-core addictions enables them to look forward to recovery and an adiction-free life.

We will assist you in selecting and making contact with a top drug rehab centre or alcohol rehab centre in the Pretoria region.

We can help you plan your admission and make sure that you are being admitted to a rehabilitation centre that is properly registered with the Department of Social Development.

Your query is handled in complete confidentiality by experienced counselors who know the treatment centres personally. work with a selection of the best rehab centres and will help you to find the rehab that best meets your specific, individual circumstances. We work with addiction rehab centres in the Cape Town area to provide quality and affordable treatment programs.

Contact us now on 079-066-3382 (Mon to Fri / 8am to 5pm)

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