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This particular Rehab Centre in Johannesburg is part of a group of treatment centres which started operating in 1995 as a primary care treatment facility. Since then they have grown substantially and have provided a full range of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to more than 10,000 addicted people and their families.

All the addiction treatment rehab at this centre is managed by very experienced and accredited professionals and counsellors. The founder of this centre lectures to medical staff on addiction and it’s effective treatment.

This is probably the highest quality drug and alcohol rehab centre in Gauteng if not in South Africa. Their excellent facilities including a swimming pool, sauna, gym, tennis court, volleyball and table tennis as well as a TV lounge with satellite TV. This centre is set within a beautiful, green garden in a long established exclusive suburb of Johannesburg.

Johannesburg rehab centre  Johannesburg rehab centres

This Johannesburg centre offers all types of treatment from out-patients through to Sober Houses. Their Primary Care centre offers detoxification as the initial stage to rehab and after completion of Primary Care rehab they offer Secondary Care and Tertiary care too.
Primary care – residential rehab programme

This rehab centre’s detoxification period is always provided by expert medical professionals who supervise the treatment in a safe environment.¬† The dedicated and multidisciplined team will ensure you are given a professional and individually tailored care package which will include a range of different therapies. These include cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational enhancement and learning new life skills that combined with the 12 step model facilitate good outcomes from rehab.

This centre recognises the importance of other types of learning including excercise, nutrition, sporting activities, including yoga, and leisure time.
Secondary care – residential treatment programme

This is a longer period of residential addiction rehab and an extension of the same process experienced in Primary Care rehab. For severe addictions, including alcoholism, there is a direct link between the amount of time patients spend in quality treatment and their ability to remain clean and sober after rehab.

Secondary Care offers further time, guidance and support to explore the causes and conditions that may have contributed towards the patient becoming addicted and, more crucially, what the addicted or alcoholic patient can do to take responsibility for their recovery. This rehab programme is less structured than the primary care programme and allows more of a chance for the newly recovering addict and alcoholic to take responsibility for structuring their time and to look at some forward planning.
Tertiary care – longer term treatment programme

This type of rehab is based on research that the longer you stay in a structued environment the higher your chance of avoiding relapse and remaining in recovery. This involves communal living in a friendly recovery-based environment with full access to all the support required as and when you need it. Living within a community of people recovering from alcoholism and other addictions is an immensely useful and cost effective way of extending your addiction rehab treatment.

Unsure which type of rehab treatment programme is best for you? Unsure if this is the best type of rehab centre for your particular problem? Give us a call and we will help you select the right addiction treatment programme, at the right rehab centre, for the right price.

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We can guide and advise you, helping you choose between several rehab centres in the Johannesburg area, or others in other areas of South Africa.

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