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We can provide immediate access to rehab centres in Cape Town, South Africa, with a clinical detox if requried. work with a selection of the best rehab centres and will help you to find the rehab that best meets your specific, individual circumstances. We work with addiction rehab centres in the Cape Town area to provide quality and affordable treatment programs.

079-066-3382 (Mon to Fri / 8am to 5pm)

This Cape Town Rehab Centre is one of South Africa’s first extended care retreats specialising in addictions, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia as well as other compulsive behaviours within an exclusive, luxury environment.

Their care is built upon a foundation of South Africa’s leading mental health professionals, trained locally and abroad, governed by the highest standards of psychiatric and psychological practice, and developing programmes tailored to the needs of each individual, offering our clients a genuine opportunity to pursue a life free of addictive obsession and compulsion.

They offer high quality care for a number of addictions including substance (drug and alcohol) and behavioural (eating disorders, gambling) addictions.

They offer treatment on a large property set in beautiful cape “fynbos” which is indiginous to the area. Their facilities include a games room and swimming pool. Bedrooms are shared.

The founder of this centre trained and worked for years at the first Minnesota Model addictions treatment centre in South Africa and started this centre with the aim of maintaining overall quality of care whilst making it affordable for everyday people. Their multi-disciplinary treatment team includes social workers, consultant psychiatrists, and addictions counsellors. They are able to offer a continuum of care from detox to step-down facilities.

We will assist you in selecting and making contact with a top drug rehab centre or alcohol rehab centre in the Cape Town area.

We can help you plan your admission and make sure that you are being admitted to a rehabilitation centre that is properly registered with the Department of Social Development and best for you.

Your query is handled in complete confidence by experienced counsellors who know the treatment centres personally.

079-066-3382 (Mon to Fri / 8am to 5pm)

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