Substance Abuse Rehabs Detoxification

The most important part of any addiction treatment program is to begin the entire process with an effective detoxification program.

Unfortunately, in South Africa there seems to be a lack of understanding on this issue, even from top treatment centres who think that detoxification means withdrawal.

Definition of Addiction Withdrawal

Withdrawal normally means, to remove the substance or behaviour from one’s diet or lifestyle. When addicts or alcoholics withdraw from various substances like alcohol, heroin, methadone, codeine, opiates or benzodiazepines, the physical symptoms of withdrawal can be very severe and even very dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms are sometimes so uncomfortable and painful that most addicts will remove themselves from treatment and return to their substance of choice.

Similarly, when someone who has an addictive behaviour like gambling, pornography or sex addiction withdraws from this behaviour, whatever they cannot face or cope with become apparent. Therefore withdrawal should always be supervised by professionals with medical intervention where necessary.

Definition of Addiction Detoxification

Detoxification means to remove the substance from the system. Every pill, drink narcotic or cigarette is a toxic substance that literally poisons the body and mind. When organs become toxic, this always results in unstable brain chemistry and impairs the user from being able to think logically. Hence the illogical and insane behaviour when the person actually knows better.

The starting point of any successful addiction treatment program absoluteness has to include detoxification as the first phase of recovery. Detoxification occurs simultaneously to withdrawal, but each is a separate concept and process. The recovery success rate dramatically increases if detoxification is the first priority. Why? Healthy Body = Health Mind.

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